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Wednesday, August 1 – Friday, August 3, 2018

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How the T-Academy can help you improve your grades

World’s leading universities believe that a student's academic knowledge is only 15% of success in their further education, in building a career, and in life.

The majority of schools are actively loading knowledge into the heads of our children, but they do not teach them the necessary skills. Hence, our children don’t know how to get good marks and improve their grades. Namely, they won’t allow you to apply the knowledge gained and achieve your goals: a prestigious university, a successful career, a happy family, and true friendship.

A study of Fortune 500 CEOs found that social skills are responsible for 75% of long-term and sustained success at work/obtaining higher education, but academic skills only 25%.

Here is how the T-Academy helps students improve grades and be successful outside school/university.


Being a leader means being a person who everyone else recognizes the right to make responsible decisions for the entire team.

T-Academy’s approach:

  • Supervision of junior schoolchildren and beginners by high school students;
  • Numerous clubs and hobby classes will surely find a response in the soul of any student, and they will take the initiative in the area that is interesting to them and will gather their team of like-minded people.


A creative young person is able to find non-standard, completely new solutions in familiar situations, they know how to come up with and implement new ideas.

T-Academy’s approach:

  • Solving the problem, the student will be asked not only to give the correct answer but also to find 10 different solutions;
  • Students focus on both academic knowledge and extracurricular activities - music classes, theater and acting, and the development of artistic skills. It is easier for a child with a broad outlook to find a non-standard approach to solving a problem.

Writing skills

Writing is critical to the development of a range of human abilities, including attention, concentration, and memory. Writing is the first step to knowledge! It develops psychomotor skills, without which the person will be much worse off perceiving lesson topics and educational material. When we hear the phrase help me write my essay, we recommend an online service for finding private specialists that solve everyday problems. The site brings together students who need to do some work, and competent specialists looking for a part-time job or additional income. With the services of proofreaders, you will save time on checking texts, and in the meantime, you can devote time to other tasks.

If a child does not learn to write well, this can affect his ability to read and lead to difficulties in understanding text, vocabulary and phrasal context, as well as a deterioration in spelling. An essay writer can help as the child develops these skills to help avoid bad grades. Writing problems or insufficiently automated writing can delay a student's development and also affect the ability to take notes, which can lead to problems concentrating.

How T-Academy is improving essay writing skills:

  • Professional essay writers conduct lessons aimed at developing necessary skills;
  • Decent essay writing help develops in children the passion for writing.

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