August 1-3
Michigan State University

Liberal Arts Colleges Explore Interdisciplinary Pathways

Inside Higher Ed article by Carl Straumsheim

We Don't Need More STEM Majors. We Need More STEM Majors with Liberal Arts Training.

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Building a Bridge Between Engineering and the Humanities

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Why Some Colleges are Ditching the Science Lecture for Hands-On Learning

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Teaching Young Engineers to Find Problems, Not Just Solve Them

Chronicle of Higher Education article by Paul Basken

The Proof Liberal Arts Colleges Need?

Study links certain traits of undergraduate education to success in life: meaningful interaction with professors, studying a variety of fields outside the major and having classroom talks that go to issues of ethics and life.

You Should Plan on Switching Jobs Every Three Years for the Rest of Your Life

Fast Company article by Vivian Giang

Universities Race to Nurture Start-Up Founders of the Future

New York Times article by Natasha Singer

The Rise of the T-Shaped Organization

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Deja Vu: Reflections on Higher Education

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Arne Duncan Pinpoints Where Schools Fail

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Study calls for stronger connection between jobs and education

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Educating to Innovate

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