March 21 & 22 | Washington, D.C.

Transformational Approaches to Creating T-Shaped Professionals

You are invited to join us at T-Summit 2016 in Washington DC, taking place on March 21-22, 2016.

As we face ever-increasing challenges and complexity in the public and private sectors, Interdisciplinary collaboration skills distinguish T-shape professionals as they harness diverse experiences to navigate and solve disruptive shifts in business, technology and society.

T-Summit 2016 offers a set of informative, provocative and collaborative discussions through a mix of keynotes and workshops that will advance the T-shaped concept and provide actionable ideas for you and your organization. 

Among the topics to be explored at T-Summit 2016:

  • Evaluating the role of the public and private sector in cultivating T-shaped professionals.
  • Learning how universities are changing curricula and practices to align with the T-shaped concepts.
  • Comparing the needs of young professionals against employer needs and challenges.
  • Formulating effective methods for fostering interdisciplinary, transformative learning in business, government and academia.
  • Appraising the degree to which students understand the value of T-shaped skills and proactively seek out opportu­nities to develop those skills.

The 2016 T-Summit will be a trading zone where individuals with diverse expertise and interests (i.e., scholars, employers, practitioners) come together to expand their own knowledge and abilities. Conference participants will en­gage with others in “trading zone” sessions to learn and also design models that foster and develop the T-shaped charac­teristics for both the current and future workforce needs.


T-Summit History

In March 2014, leaders from higher education, industry, government, foundations, and professional associations met in San Jose, California to discuss how to design innovative educational models that foster and develop T-shaped characteristics that are in high demand today and in the future workforce. The summit generated dynamic discussions regarding how higher education and industry can collaborate to cultivate the talent development required for the 21st century workforce. T-shaped professionals need educational and work experiences that help them to learn on how to handle information from multiple sources; advance professional relationships across organizations; contribute innovatively to organizational practices; and communicate with understanding across social, cultural, economic and scientific boundaries.

T-Summit 2015, held on the campus of Michigan State University in March 2015, pushed the conversation further to determine how these groups can best work together to prepare students to be professionals who use new technologies, business models, and societal innovation to make a positive impact on the world.

Participants at this event discussed: higher education and employer partnerships that develop T-shaped competencies; employer practices that advance T-shaped competencies; higher education partnerships that promote T-shaped education; metrics and competencies that define the "T"; and cultivating entrepreneurs and innovators. Participants in the second annual T-Summit shared experiences and best practices to create a common language for both higher education and the corporate sector to use synonymously surrounding T-shaped development. 

Conference Co-Chairs:
Anthony M. Boccanfuso, Ph.D., President, The University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)
Susan Sloan, Director, The National Academies Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR)